In Space and Interspace

The dominant theme in Traude Linhardt’s work is that of space and interspace. Redefined by the use of partitions, these spaces always retain a certain transparency, and with it the ability to merge, overlap and re-live their former state. A feeling of movement and fluidity pervades her work, with changes to the partitions and shifts in the observer’s viewpoint creating other new and different spaces. Traude Lindhardt’s work is reminiscent of a stage set: moving elements create temporary spaces to provide the setting for different experiences and actions at different times. The observer’s spatial experience changes, depending on his/her position within the complex structure.

In her earlier work, Traude Linhardt used lengths of material, such as paper and film, or transparent wire sculptures to divide and structure spaces. Today, she picks up on her theme by means of photography and painting. Her photographs often show elements of the urban environment reflecting in shop windows to create a multi-layered structure of overlapping spaces. By extending her photographs with acrylic paints, her three-dimensional images flow into abstract, two-dimensional colour spaces – seamlessly.

Nancy Spero